What is a Home Theater to you

After our professional consultation, we will custom order all your parts giving you the best prices you’ll find. Whats better then going to the movies at home. With Netflix offering up to 4K and Atmos surround sound, and Blu-rays you’ll never want to pay the outrageous amount to go to a Cinema again. Just think no person sitting near you distracting you with their phone, talking, or having to move so someone can get up. Want to host the best Superbowl party have one of these in your house. All of our projectors will be at least 1080P high definition. Looking to hide your components so their not in view we will do that.

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Ultimate 4K System

Imagine a home theater that transcends the traditional boundaries of entertainment, creating an immersive cinematic experience that rivals the best movie houses. Now, envision that same experience in the comfort of your own home. The Kaleidescape – Ultimate 4K System offers just that—a sanctuary of sight and sound that beckons you to step into the world of your favorite films with unmatched clarity and depth.

Unrivaled Movie Collection

Your journey into cinematic excellence begins with an unparalleled movie collection. The Kaleidescape Movie Store Collection is not just a library; it’s a treasure trove of every 4K movie available at the time of your system’s shipment. This is the cinephile’s dream—a vast expanse of visual splendor ready to be explored.

State-of-the-Art Movie Servers

At the heart of the Kaleidescape Ultimate 4K System are two Terra Prime 88TB movie servers. These behemoths of storage ensure that your burgeoning collection has room to grow, with a combined capacity of 176 terabytes. That’s approximately 1,500 4K movies at your fingertips, all pre-loaded for your convenience.

The Strato C Movie Player

The Strato C movie player is the conduit to your cinematic experience. It’s engineered to deliver the Ultimate 4K Experience, ensuring every frame is a seamless blend of color, contrast, and clarity. The Strato C isn’t just a player; it’s the gatekeeper to a world where every visual is a masterpiece.

Full Reference Video Quality

With a video bitrate 10 times higher than typical streamers, the Kaleidescape system doesn’t just play movies—it breathes life into them. Each scene is rendered in full reference video quality, preserving the director’s vision with an authenticity that’s nearly palpable.

Uncompromised Audio

The system’s lossless audio delivers studio master audio in lossless Dolby Atmos or DTS:X formats, providing an audio bitrate 10 times higher than typical streamers. It’s not just sound; it’s an auditory landscape that envelops you, transporting you into the story.

Integration with Home Automation

The Kaleidescape system is more than a standalone marvel; it’s a harmonious component of your smart home. Each movie is annotated with data, allowing for seamless integration with home automation systems. Control lighting, shades, and the system itself with the touch of a button, creating an environment tailored to each cinematic journey.

The Ultimate Immersive Experience

Streaming services have their place, but they cannot achieve the immersive experiences that the Kaleidescape system delivers. From the annotated movies that enhance your understanding of the content to the elevated performance of your home theater components, every detail is crafted to plunge you into the heart of the story.

Kaleidescape vs. Streaming

Leading streaming services encode 4K video at an average of around 8 megabits per second. Kaleidescape’s 4K movies are encoded at an average of 65 megabits per second. Notice how much more accurate and detailed the Kaleidescape picture is. The streaming video suffers from severe compression artifacts, including loss of detail and color accuracy, and a lot of added noise.

While streaming platforms provide content that’s highly compressed and can vary depending on internet bandwidth, Kaleidescape movies are downloaded to a local hard drive so they play perfectly every time.

Not only do Kaleidescape movies carry more video information, but our audio is bit-for-bit lossless quality. Compared to streaming services, Kaleidescape’s higher audio bitrate ensures you will hear everything from the softest whispers to room-rattling explosions.

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