Your Home is also where you Nest

Let us bring your home together

Weather your looking for just the basic thermostat to control your heating & cooling. To full automation of your house, so you can remotely view your home using smart cameras, lighting different rooms while away or as simple as starting your coffee when you turn your bathroom light on. Schedule that free consult now at the bottom of the page.

Security / Surveillance

During your consultation we will go over you location for the best placement of cameras, locks, and other security options. We work with on site DVR or remote storage. No need to worry about power our cameras have the option to run off solar and battery power. Our locks can be simple or part of the whole home automation as well. Have that package coming but can’t be home for it we can teach you how to open the door remotely when the doorbell is rung and you’ll be able to lock it after the delivery driver sets the package just within the door.


We can make it so you can simply ask for lights to dim, turn on or off in your room as you enter it. What if you press the garage door button in your car and the lights turn on in the garage, kitchen, and maybe even the TV turns to your news channel to catch up on the day. Or while your away on vacation and don’t want to setup timers and hope they work and worry about it, with a simple button you press vacation mode on your smart device and presto your homes lights are turning on and off as if your moving within.


It’s not just the temperature within your home but maybe lawn care no longer needing to water, mow the lawn, or how about starting the wash when the water is at its lowest cost? Do you have windows that cause the room to heat up or cool while your at work, how about blinds that know when this is happening and turn the blinds down. There is so many ways home automation can make your life more comfortable ask us what your looking for and we’ll do the best to come up with a solution for your needs.

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